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Easy Fortnite cheat To Tackle Your Opponents


Easy Fortnite cheat To Tackle Your Opponents

Who wouldn’t love to become the master of a battle game? Fortnite is an immensely popular battle game that’s taking over the world by storm. The game involves combat among 100 players who are dropped off from a moving plane. As the space decreases, the players end up in a fight for survival. Here we have few Fortnite cheat that will help you combat your opponents easily.

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Transparent Walls.

As you build walls in Fortnite, they become transparent. This is useful to go against your enemies. For example: throw a wall down and enter edit mode. This will help you see through the walls. If your opponent is hiding behind the walls, they built, move into edit mode and capture them by surprise.

Reach The Ground Quickly using Fortnite Cheats.

The easiest way to hit the ground is to alter your body to a vertical position. You can also try jumping quickly from the battle bus. When you are about to reach down, your glider will force open, allowing you to land safely. As you’re about to land, click the glider button. With practice, this will help you to land faster than your enemies. However, the gliders won’t open over water.

Use Supply Drop Balloons.

Supply drop balloons help you to attain free kills. When players spot the falling balloons, they become hungry to get the loot. As they rush towards the spot, you can head high and build over the drop balloons. Then hop right onto them and slaughter your foes.

Look For The Secret Treasure Room.

The hidden room contains lots of treasure items. Go to the Tomato Tunnel and search the place. Behind a car, you will find a hidden room. It is filled with various golden chests. Why wait, start hunting!

Slide To Avoid Losing Health.

Reaching higher places is quite easy. However, getting down from heights safely is a tricky task. Don’t wish to lose health while sliding down? Acquire the counter strafe skills! This involves moving towards the opposite direction you are sliding. That is, if you are sliding towards the left, move right, and you will stay glued to that spot.

Which one is your favorite Fortnite cheat? Feel free to comment below.

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