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Fortnite Hacks – Get Free skins using Fortnite hack

Here is the story of how we mastered Fortnite in less than a fortnight using Fornite Hacks!

First of the premises!

I am a strict parent and leave alone allowing the kids to download a game that entails minimum violence of any sort; I am not big on candy crush on Pokémon go type of games as well. Having said that it surprises me that when the younger one came up to me with a request for downloading it on my phone, I said, “Let me think about it.” instead of the usual plain “no”!

That is what the game attributes its success according to me.

Fortnite, the name itself does not even hint at violence a la PUBG which can put you off for days if any of your tiny tots came back to you asking you to have it on your device.

Fornite hacks:

Like all other games that have become popular overnight, Fortnite also has a list of hacks. These Fortnite cheats are there on the internet. Instead of playing the game until the end, a lot of players search for clues and hints to see how they fit into the game.

If you are playing the game for your leisure, then there is no harm in checking out the hacks so that you kill some excitement and head to the goal faster.

Where can you find the fortnite hacks?

The internet is the place that you will find all the hacks for the latest season of the game. Sometimes, you will wonder how the cheat and the game are simultaneously released. Or how do the people who come up with the hacks in such a short time?

The hacks that have been released so far are useful when you play fortnite on your Personal Computer, PS4, Nintendo Switch and also Xbox One. There are no two ways about the fact that when you will use cheats and hacks to play the game you will have an added advantage over the other players.

The game is far too popular!

The game has become very popular in a short time. The excellent concept and the graphics may be contributing reasons but the main reason why it has caught the fancy of a whopping 250 million fans is that it is shareable.

Is the game a cultural phenomenon of sorts?

The game that has been called the most popular one in 2018 is the best thing to happen since Minecraft.  I can tell you this because my ten years old cannot stuff flushing to his friends about his recent victories in Battle Royale. Each one of his friends has something to say about it. And that is what is great about the game. The game is built for everyone. A middle schooler, a high school grad or an adult; they are all enjoying it like it is made with them in mind.

Yes, internet hacks are commonly found and hackers put them up as soon as a new season of the game is out but is using them to have an edge on others ethical at all?

This can be a dilemma. In the simplest of sense, when we click on the accept button, you enter into a contract with the company owning the game that you will not hack into its code or do anything unethical that can cause them monetary loss. So, yes, checking on hacks is illegal in this sense.

But if you are using the hack to only play on your own PC and not to alter the code or inconvenience the company by copying it or making changes in the code that can spoil the gaming experience of millions of other players, it is still ok.

Do companies ban players that use such Fortnite hacks?

Yes! A lot of companies have done this before. If the gaming company realizes that you may have used cheats or hacks found illegally on the internet, it may ban you from playing the game itself.

So here is the question!

Have you ever played Fortnite? And have you wondered if cheating is even possible in this kind of a format game? Perhaps you are nodding your head in disagreement.

Let me give you an example: your character is hiding in a place for some time and you are very confident that no one can know about it unless you have told them. Butthen suddenly a player comes in exactly that spot and shoots at you. Well, it is no rocket science that the player has used a cheat to find out where you were hiding.

Every hack comes with ESP that allows the person using them to find the location of the players at that point of time. Obviously, this will give him an added advantage in the game.

The fortnite gamebot hack:

Okay, I am not a big fan of this hack but hell! It is one of the most popular of all hacks and you will find a lot of players swearing by it to survive. For instance, when a player is using a gamebot hack, he uses his weapons to lock you and corner you. So no matter what you do, you cannot survive the attack. Heck!

Fortnite hacks to collect more V bucks:

You want to collect more V bucks and you don’t see a way out unless you are ready to shell out $40 for say 400 V –bucks. We have a better idea. Instead of paying $40 for 400 v bucks, we suggest you download the original game and that way you can earn up to 110 v bucks on a daily basis. That is almost one thousand v bucks in a week. Let us warn you that this may take perseverance and patience but a hack is a hack!

Searching for hacks on the internet can be dangerous!

A lot of youtube videos that claim to have the hacks may ask for your user name and password. We suggest that you do not provide any of your personal information however genuine they may sound. Preliminary investigations by our team have lead us to conclude that most of them are scams and are looking to get information from you; discourage them.

The Xim Apex Bot:

A lot of hackers download the Xim Apex bot that allows them to access a lot of information from other players. The game is all about survival and not becoming prey to the zombies that have overtaken the world after a terrible storm that has destroyed 98 percent of humanity. The remaining 2 percent which includes you, the player are safe because you had a storm shield on.

Now, you can begin moving around the place to search for other survivors or shoot down other players in order to survive yourself. In the meantime, you can even choose to stock up on your resources.

Those armory skins! Oh how we love them!!

If you are looking to stash on some fortnite free skins, we strongly recommend that you follow the games updates on celebratory events. For example when Avengers was released, the game gave away free skins to players as promotion.

Freeskins can be bought with V bucks also which is the digital currency of the game. However, you have to keep your antenna up. If it becomes known that you have used a cheap hack or cheat to earn more V bucks, the game may ban the account for life.

There are a lot of YouTube videos that will try to tell you that there are five god mode fortnite cheat hacks that will make you invincible in the game. We have seen them all and they may seem to be hacks per se to survive the apocalypse but what they are in fact are hacks to get banned.

The general sentiment among the players is to play the game in its real spirit without cheating. Yes, cheating is definitely not cool. It can give you or other players an added advantage over others and that is not fair to say.

However, the numbers of pages that are springing up indicate that there are also equal numbers of people who use such hacks and are successful.

To site an example back home, my son’s best chum says that he has got a whole lot of fortnight hacks that allows him to make 28 kills in a day! That is a superb number and we cannot help but think that these hacks do work.

The game itself has so many free hooks that probably you may not need any hacks after all.

The multicolourllama is such a treat to find. Epic is really selfless in giving out a lot of freebies with the game itself. It leaves little room for asking any extra. Unless you are playing this game every day and religiously to win.

But again, if you are playing it every day and to win there is a big chance that you are already so good at it that you are surviving. Cheat hacks and help but it may not give you the high that you will get when you survive without actually using them! What say!!

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